Enhancing Acoustic Comfort: Exploring Pliteq, Thermal Economics, and Regupol Acoustic

Enhancing Acoustic Comfort: Exploring Pliteq, Thermal Economics, and Regupol Acoustic

In the pursuit of creating comfortable and acoustically pleasing environments, the proper selection of acoustic layers is crucial. Whether it's a residential or commercial space, effective sound control plays a significant role in enhancing occupant comfort. This blog post will delve into three key components of acoustic solutions: Pliteq, Thermal Economics, and Regupol. These innovative products, offered by ScreedsDirect, provide excellent sound insulation, thermal properties, and sustainability, revolutionizing the construction and design industry.


Pliteq: Advanced Acoustic Solutions

Pliteq is a leading manufacturer of high-performance acoustic products that prioritize both sound control and environmental sustainability. Their range of innovative solutions includes GenieClip® and GenieMat® products, designed to reduce the transmission of airborne and impact noise.


GenieMat®: As a high-performance sound control underlayment, GenieMat® absorbs and dissipates impact noise generated by footsteps and other physical activities. It provides a solution for reducing footfall noise in various applications, such as multi-story residential buildings, hotels, and offices.


Thermal Economics: Energy Efficiency and Acoustic Performance

Thermal Economics specializes in the development of thermal and acoustic insulation products. Their range of offerings includes ThermaTec™ and Regupol acoustic solutions, which provide exceptional sound insulation and energy-saving benefits.

ThermaTec™: This range of insulation materials effectively reduces airborne sound transmission between rooms and improves thermal performance. The combination of acoustic control and enhanced energy efficiency contributes to reduced heating and cooling costs, making ThermaTec™ an environmentally friendly choice for sustainable construction projects.

Link for All Products - https://screedsdirect.co.uk/collections/acoustic-underscreed-layers


Regupol: Regupol is a trusted name in the acoustic industry, renowned for their high-quality recycled rubber materials. Regupol acoustic underlays and resilient layers offer exceptional impact sound insulation for various flooring types, including timber, laminate, and ceramic tiles. By reducing the transfer of footfall noise, Regupol ensures a peaceful and comfortable environment.


Sustainability: Environmentally Friendly Acoustic Solutions

Both Pliteq and Thermal Economics prioritize sustainability and environmental consciousness in their manufacturing processes. By utilizing recycled rubber and other eco-friendly materials, these companies reduce waste and minimize their carbon footprint. These sustainable acoustic solutions align with the growing demand for environmentally responsible building practices.



When it comes to enhancing acoustic comfort, Pliteq, Thermal Economics, and Regupol offer cutting-edge acoustic layers that revolutionize the construction and design industry. These innovative products effectively control airborne and impact noise, ensuring optimal comfort for occupants in residential, commercial, and institutional spaces. Furthermore, the emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiency makes them ideal choices for environmentally conscious builders and designers.

For those seeking top-quality acoustic layers, ScreedsDirect offers an extensive range of products from Pliteq and Thermal Economics. With their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, ScreedsDirect can guide you in selecting the most suitable solutions for your specific project needs.

Transform your spaces into serene havens of tranquility with these advanced acoustic layers, and experience the benefits of enhanced acoustic performance, improved thermal efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

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